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Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party Statutes

The Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party is a group of artists devoted to social and political questions, which will one day win the elections.

Our movement is committed to non-violence and direct action. This is the philosophical conviction that will guide us as we work toward achieving our goals.

Our primary objectives are:

  • promoting active citizenship: we support each other in putting aside whining and self-pity to take matters into our own hands.
  • creating a meaningful political dialogue, not a rhetorical blame- race. We consider this goal to be of paramount importance, as in our opinion political discourse should no longer consist of taking pleasure in insulting each other.
  • when necessary: we take over activities neglected by local authorities with the intent of spurring them into action and enhancing their operation.
  • fostering a civic attitude where only concrete issues are addressed, not other political parties and their current advertising messages.

Our means are street art, hacking, happening, guerilla gardening, renovation projects carried out in public spaces, newspapers, theater, film, computer games and music, and any other modes that may emerge in the future. To achieve/further our goals we gladly/happily cooperate with other civic organizations that seek positive solutions to problems. In the course of our operation we typically encounter three basic kinds of issues. First, those issues we can take directly into our own hands, and these we strive to solve: If the flowers are missing from the flowerbed: – We will replant them. No bus stop? We will build one. A bench in revolting condition? We will paint it. A run-down playground? We will renovate it.

We also encounter certain problems that we are unable to solve with our own means; in this case we nudge the competent authorities into action with some catchy awareness-raising activity. For example, our Garbage Renovation in Zugló and our Human Chain in Szentendre resulted in the piles of garbage and debris being removed. Similarly, as a result of our Four-Colour Action in Szeged, the local authorities repaired the broken pavements.

Finally, we also face issues where we unable to offer a solution. The best we can do in such cases is to raise awareness.

We do it in an affectionate and funny way; we want to make sure not to enrage even more people in this country.

We have decided to do pretty, funny and useful things rather than just whining and before we get a heart attack or cancer from sheer desperation.


Please, check this nice article on Wikipedia about us!